Stencil Equipments

Electronic Stencil Cutter

Marsh Electronic Stencil Cutter

Features include:

  • 60 Degree Cutting Blade
  • Friction Feed Driving Method
  • 25″ Max Cutting Width
  • 28″ Max Feed Width
  • 750g Max Pressure
  • 3.1ft/min cutting speed

Fast, Efficient, Effective.

The Marsh Electronic Stencil Cutter system is computer driven with state of the art software designed specifically to meet your customers varied stenciling requirements. The ESC60 uses DrawCut Lite software which includes designing, drawing, and arranging objects and text.

Compatible with Creativity

The software program is designed to run directly from your existing PC and does not require a stand alone dedicated PC system. The ESC60 comes standard with Phantom Stencil, MK Stencil Sans Black, Cyrillic Stencil, and Script Stencil fonts, along with 46 standard international symbols.

Amazing Versatility

With the Marsh Electronic Stencil Cutter, you can cut .011 oilboard, polyethylene, sandblast, stencil mask, vinyl, magnetic and others.

Unlike Anything, Anywhere

Unlike other systems on the market, the easy to use software program will allow you to start cutting a variety of styles and sizes of stencils in a matter of minutes without the need of lengthy, specialized training.