Inverter Model ( Variable Speed )

Hitachi Screw Single Stage Air Compressors (22kW ~ 55kW)

Air-Cooled, Fixed Speed Model ( 22/37/55 kW )

Pressure (MPa): 0.30/0.40/0.70
Air Capacity (m3/min): 2.0 - 8.5

  • "Class 0" ( ISO8573-1:2010 Class 0 TÜV Certification)

Test and analysis of condensation of oil in the discharge
air of Hitachi Oil-free Screw Compressor (DSP) are
implemented by third party (TÜV) based on ISO8573-1
standard. By the test result, oil contained in the
discharge air of Hitachi DSP is proved and certified as
the highest level of quality air “Class 0” .

  • Stainless Steel Rotor

Particular stainless steel, which is superior in corrosion resistance
and durability, is applied for rotor with highly accurate grinding.
Furthermore, compensated profile, which is optimized for thermal
expansion during operation, enables to keep optimal clearance.

  • High Performance Coating

Hitachi original coating, which can withstand the high temperature
of over 300°C, protects the rotors from a decrease in performance
(efficiency, air purity, etc.).

  • Long Overhauls Cycle, Easy Maintenance
  • ECOMODE Energy Saving

Short Description :Hitachi DSP Series