Dot Peen Marking Machine

MARKSMAN MARKING Ball Screw Head - High Precision (MK-100BS)

The MK 100BS is Ball Screw Head which are able to mark with very high precision (1mm character height).

The case is constructed of Steel which makes it light and easy to install.  The Ball Screw is constructed of iron, and the X-Y axis has a LM Guide inside of the marking head for smooth movement and long service life


  • Marking area: 98 X 100 mm
  • Dimensions with connectors: 232mm(width) X 206mm( Length ) X 169mm( Height)
  • Weight: 8 KG Material of the case: steel
  • Move guide: Ball Screw and LM Guide
  • Motor: STEPPING MOTOR Control Unit: All available controllers
  • Dust cover 24 pins for connecting cable